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Widely acclaimed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker and one of the Best Brands in Chatsworth, the Big Green Egg was derived from an ancient clay cooking device known as a “kamado”. Originally a clay vessel with a lid, today’s EGG® is a modern ceramic marvel known for producing amazing culinary results for novice and experts alike for over thirty years!

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YETI Coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes with the way we work and play. Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially "disposable", a YETI is made to last! In the end, the functional purpose of a cooler is to keep the contents cold. By combining thicker walls, added insulation (especially in the lid), and a full-frame gasket, YETI Coolers out-insulate the others and is one of our Featured products in Chatsworth.

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Ace is home to Craftsman - America's Most Trusted Tool Brand! and one of the Best Brands in Chatsworth.  Craftsman is more than a wrench in your hand, a mower over your lawn or a box that protects your tools. Craftsman is knowledge and confidence that when you own a Craftsman, you share the experience with millions of Americans who believe that Craftsman not only provides them with solid, reliable tools, but the ability to easily complete any job of any size. 

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The auger at the bottom of the hopper pulls the hardwood pellets into the fire pot where they contact the hot rod and ignite the pellet grill. Set the temperature on your pellet smoker to the desired setting and begin cooking, convection-style heat cooks food evenly and encircles food with delicious and flavorful smoke. 

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Sunglasses Are Now Essential Equipment

Conventional lenses are all about blocking the sun, making you see less. Oakley Sunglass lenses help you see more — more detail, more depth and more definition. We achieve it by optimizing lenses for specific environments, and that’s why sunglasses are no longer considered generic accessories. 

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Why do people prefer using a Husqvarna product when it comes to outdoor power equipment? We’d like to think it's our 325 years plus of experiences in engineering.  

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